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18 Medications ROBBING You of Nutrition!

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You don’t have to be a Pharmacist like me to know that most medications have side-effects; Side-effects that interfere with the body’s biochemistry affecting everything from nutrient balance, internal biome regulation and can even impact all of the different ecosystems of the body. They can even cause permanent damage physically, emotionally, energetically, psychologically. They can even kill you. 

One of the lesser-known risks of many medications is a pretty scary effect that may already be doing more harm than you think… They STEAL the nutrients right out of your body.

That’s right; you could be malnourished even if you are eating all the right things!! 

18 Types of Nutrition-Robbing Medications you need to know about (prescription & non-prescription):

  1. Acid-Blockers
  2. Allergy Treatments
  3. Anti-Anxiety Medications
  4. Antibiotics
  5. Antidepressants
  6. Aspirin
  7. Birth Control
  8. Blood Pressure Medication
  9. Blood Sugar/Diabetes
  10. Asthma or Lung Function Medication
  11. Cholesterol
  12. Diuretics/Water Retention Pills
  13. Pain/Headache Tablets
  14. Hormones
  15. Laxatives
  16. Thyroid Medication
  17. Steroids
  18. Chemotherapy

Are you taking anything you see on this list? 

There is a better way of handling the problem…  Support the body by naturally boosting the parts of the systems that the meds are draining. 

You don’t have to let prescription & nonprescription, aka, OTC (over-the-counter) medications throw things out of whack; even if the solution from traditional doctors offices is more medications to counter the side-effects! (Of course, those medications have their own side effects)

Simply by resupplying these nutrients in the form of the right clinical-grade nutraceutical supplements – your body can not just eliminate such side-effects but may even make the meds work better!

If you’re taking one or more of these nutrition robbing medications you should absolutely schedule a Complimentary Discovery Consultation from Time4Health to help you discover the best options available for keeping your body balanced with everything that it needs. Click Here to visit my calendar and choose the time that is best for you.


Vimal Patel

P.S. Antibiotics are one of the worst offenders for zapping your nutrients so if you are on them, don’t forget to take plenty of clinical-grade, high-potency, broad-spectrum multiform of pre & probiotics that can counter the majority if not all of the side-effects of taking antibiotics. Please review my clinical quality formula: Advanced MultiProbiotics Restore

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