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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Immune System

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5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Immune System

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the Immune System lately and for good reason. With so many different threats to your bodily wellness out there, it’s important you get the facts. Here are 5 of the least commonly known things about your Immune System that you absolutely need to know

1. Diet Governs Everyone’s Immune System:

Processed Foods, Sugars, and Simple Carbs found in our everyday foods and drinks that are high in sugars or breakdown into sugar quickly reduces the immune system. Studies conducted over decades have shown that our immunity is reduced dramatically 30-minutes after eating foods high in sugar. Sugars puts us all at higher risk for all sorts of infections, poor wound healing and even aging tissue faster. Stick to a diet that boosts your immunity.

If that’s not enough, Alcohol too breaks into sugar, messes with your liver and GI, further throwing off the immune system, opening the door for infections, overgrowths of unfriendly bugs, and even disrupting the detoxification system of the body!

2. Your Immune System governs your emotions:

A vibrant immune system helps maintain vibrant emotions. The majority of the chemicals that influence your feelings & mood are tied to your GI tract and even the overall strength of your immunity. Yes, your good gut feelings are connected to your brain’s positive emotions! All of those feelings are tied to the abundance of healthy microbes and the condition of your immunity.  Now we know why when you are sick you don’t FEEL as good, it can actually stimulate different parts of your brain and can even do things like put you in a good mood or a bad mood!!

3. Most of your Immune System lives in Your Guts:

Some scientists & researchers say that as much as 80% or more of your immunity resides in your intestines! Every day we are confirming that we are composed of trillions of microbes working independently and in unison, commonly known as probiotics! In fact, the healthier and stronger your immune system, the more diverse your microbial community becomes, the greater your overall immunity to things like viruses, bacteria, and infections. These diverse probiotics produce immune substances and nutrients that support your entire immune system making you more resilient to the things that are out to get you.

4. Not getting Enough Sleep Can Make You More Likely to Get Sick:

Sleep is a critical part of the body’s repair and maintenance cycle. When you’re burning the candle on both ends, overworked, stressed, chasing deadlines, running on empty or just plain tired, your immune system takes a beating, often leaving you with a massive gap in your defenses against all kinds of infections.

5. Commonly used drugs both over the counter and prescribed reduce your immunity over time.

Steroids have been known to reduce immunity. In fact, steroids feed certain types of yeast and fungal infections*. Oral Birth Control can actually harm your immune system, in fact, most people on “the pill” end up with more yeast infections! Antibiotics not only kill the bad guys, but they also kill the good guys and disrupt the healthy microbe community and all the probiotics that actually help keep us vibrant and vigilant. Everything in your body is connected to your immune system. It’s not just about getting or avoiding sickness*, it’s about maintaining a vibrant immunity, boosting your defenses, nourishing your body with things that do not pull it down both physically and emotionally…

Does any of this sound like you or someone you love? If you are not taking care of your immune system, you will constantly be at a higher risk of getting sick next time you are exposed to viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens that are bombarding our systems every day. Let’s talk about your game plan for future health.

I’m committed to sharing my 30 plus years of experience to guide you through all of the wellness challenges you and your family are facing with scientifically-sound guidance on diet, lifestyle, and well-being. Not just with the great clinical-grade supplements that I have formulated but help give you the benefit of a medical professional in your corner to help provide the best support to your health, life, and immunity. Schedule a FREE 100% confidential Virtual Check-Up now.

If you can’t : avoid or defend yourself from the challenges above then I highly recommend supplementing your immune system with a concentrated formula of antibodies and immune proteins to give you enhanced protection.

 My family & I take Advanced Immune & Recovery Capsules to enhance and boost our immune system when we aren’t able to protect ourselves as well as we’d like. Find out more about them here: https://time4health.com/lp/advanced-immune-and-recovery

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