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Advanced Immune (Capsules) Booster Pak™

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Advanced Immune (Capsules) Booster Pak™


COLD/FLU/BUGS/ALLERGY SEASON: Enhance the immune system to Neutralize & Block Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi/Mold & toxins

Vimal Patel, B.Sc.Pharm,RPh,CCN.CAd,DiHom



Three immune support formulations work together to boost innate and acquired immunity & help reduce your risks of getting sick and support recovery time if you already “caught” the Cold/Flu/Bug/Allergens or other infections.

  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM Surveillance & Response*
  • CAPTURES & NEUTRALIZES foreign microbes in the GI*
  • microbes: Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungii, Parasites, Allergens, Toxins*
  • Helps maintain Healthy Gut Microbes & REDUCE inflammation*
  • Supports Gut Integrity & Tissue Repair*
  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass*

Advanced Immune Booster Pak™ (Capsule version of Adv. Immune & Recovery)

Three immune support formulations work together to help build and boost your immune defense systems for enhanced sickness prevention and  improved recovery time if you already have the cold/flu, infections or immune challenging conditions.


Advanced D3 Drops:

Activates the immune system to fight off infection and reduce symptoms.

Superior absorption of vitamin D3 drop formula both: Boosts the release of Immuno-peptides throughout the body that protect by damaging the outer layer or membrane of Cold & Flu Viruses, other Viral, Bacterial and Fungal infections as well as helping to reduce excessive Inflammatory symptoms and reactions common to Colds & Flu.


Advanced Immune and Recovery Capsules:

Immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies are produced by plasma cells (white blood cells). They circulate and travel through every organ, tissue and act as a critical part of the immune surveillance and response system by specifically recognizing, and binding to particular antigens, such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances, allergens, particles and aiding in their destruction and removal by tagging “pathogens, toxins and foreign particles”, helping the rest of the immune system launch a more targeted response.

Helps capture and neutralize foreign germs, microbes including toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and tissue repair.

Boost your body’s vast majority of natural occurring Antibody: immunoglobulin G (IgG) that seeks, captures and neutralizes Viruses, Parasites, Microbes, Yeast/Fungal and Toxic materials throughout the body along with bioactive proteins, and growth factors. These components support immune function, healthy cytokine activity, gut barrier function, and gastrointestinal health and tissue repair.*

  • Supports Immune Function by Providing Immunoglobulins and Other Immune Factors.*
  • Supports the Body’s Normal Gut Repair Pathways*
  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Microbial and Cytokine Balance in the Gut*
  • Promotes Overall Health and Well-Being*


Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore:

Fights infections by enhancing and supporting barriers of the immune system. The healthy multi-organisms and prebiotics in this natural supplement supports the barrier formation of the immune system and intestinal system against harmful side effects of antibiotics, germs and toxins.*

Recommended Dosage:

Take two Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore™ on an empty stomach at bedtime and taking one Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore™ in the morning can help to enhance immune function, remove toxins, and reduce inflammation, while promoting relaxation and increased energy.

Find your relief number!  If you feel bloated or have gas at or below the belly button then you needed more Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore! Take additional until the feeling clears. This is your relief number of capsules that you are needed to enhance digestion, immunity and detoxification.

Pro Tip: Eating more plant based healthy diets helps feeds and maintain healthy communities of friendly microorganisms!

Live, Potent, Immune Enhancing, Waste and Toxin Neutralizing, Gut Protecting, Nutrient Producing, Nurturing and Beneficial Micro-Organisms & PreBiotics are critical for Healthy Functioning of both the Immune System and the Gut by helping Capture,Neutralize and Remove Cold/Flu,Viral, Bacterial, Fungal, Waste and Toxic material from the body with minimized side effects while maintaining bowel regularity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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