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Advanced Digestive Enzymes™

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Advanced Digestive Enzymes™


100 capsules
  • POWERFUL plant-based enzymes aids Total Digestion
  • Enhance ABSORPTION of Food & Nutrients
  • SUPPORTS entire Digestive System
  • REDUCES Gas & stomach Bloating
  • DECREASES Indigestion & Heartburn
  • CLEANSES the Colon
  • Supports DETOX

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Advanced Digestive Enzyme is a comprehensive aid that helps you eat the foods you love without gas, indigestion, bloating, constipation, or lactose intolerance. Enzymes are responsible for digestion and absorption of food.   They also help breakdown and move the nutrients throughout the body.  An added benefit is that they assist in the elimination of waste. When food is cooked, the enzymes in the food are destroyed.  Eating cooked or processed foods provides the body with very little enzymes to digest the food.  Advanced Digestive Enzyme uses plant-based digestive enzymes which support the body and work throughout the digestive system.  The body uses different enzymes to break down nutrients, rebuild cells and help the body to function disease-free. Why you need it Antacids are one of the highest selling products in a grocery store. It’s interesting to note that a digestive aid sells more than food!  That’s because millions suffer from gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation and other digestive issues.  Food does not have to feel like it’s been sitting in your stomach, and not digesting.  Find your relief number!  Take two or more Advanced Digestive Enzymes and provide your body with the relief it’s been yearning for! Suggested Dosage: Take two or more Advanced Digestive Enzymes with each meal or one with snacks. Take at the beginning of the meal/snack with small amount of water so as to get the capsules to the stomach.
Find your relief number!  If you feel bloated or have gas at the stomach, above the belly button and or continue to have a feeling of fullness after an hour of your meal or snack then you needed more Advanced Digestive Enzymes! Take additional until the feeling clears. This is your relief number of capsules that you need to help your body complete proper digestion.
  • Tip: You may need to take more with certain kinds of food that you know you have stomach or digestion problems with in the past. Helping your body digest every meal/snack comfortably enhances every aspect of your health goals.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Formulation – (Advanced Digestive Enzyme Formula) Enzymes are required for the body to function properly.  Enzymes assist in breaking down food, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the body, cleaning the colon, building muscles from protein, lowering cholesterol, weight loss and so much more.  Advanced Digestive Enzyme Formula is designed to work throughout the broad range of pH in the digestive system, despite digestive issues. Amylase
  • An enzyme that helps to digest carbohydrates and aids in the breakdown of starch into sugar.
  • A digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down fats and the digestion of nutrients in the intestines.
  • An enzyme found in many microorganisms and plants that breaks down carbohydrates by splitting sucrose into glucose and fructose.  A small amount of Invertase can help counteract sugar cravings related to Candida.
  • Protease is an enzyme responsible for digesting the protein in food.  Protein is one of the most difficult substances to break down.  Undigested or improperly digested protein can cause undesired issues in the body.  Protease enzymes can help clean up the body by removing unwanted protein which will help restore energy and balance.
  • An enzyme that breaks down maltose into glucose.
  • Alpha-Glactosidase is an enzyme used by the body’s intestinal microorganisms to breakdown the sugars in complex carbohydrates found in vegetables and grains.  This process often produces gases and can result in bloating and flatulence.  Alpha-glactosidase helps relieve these symptoms.
  • Cellulase is an enzyme that digests cellulose fiber into beta-glucose.  Humans do not digest Cellulose fiber very well.  Cellulose is in many of the foods eaten as a thickening agent which is essential to support the breakdown of foods that are eaten.
  • Lactase is a group of enzymes found in the small intestine, liver and kidneys that break down the milk sugar lactose into the simple sugars glucose and galactose.
  • Protease enzymes are an important part of digestion because they help digest the proteins in food.  Protease enzymes have many other benefits; among others, they are known to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, prevent abnormal clotting and minimize muscle pain after exercise.
Malt Diatase
  • Malt Diatase is an enzyme that aids the breakdown of starch molecules.  It is used for digestive and general nutritional support and it also breaks down unused glycogen in muscle tissue.
  • Pectinase is an enzyme produced during the natural ripening process of some fruits and it aids the breaks down of carbohydrates such as pectin.
  • Peptidase is a protease enzyme that breaks down protein.
Neutral Bacterial Protease
  • Protease enzymes are an important part of digestion because they help digest the proteins in food.  Neutral Bacterial Protease work in a broad pH range of 5.5 to 8.0 and can help support digestion in individuals with imbalances in their digestive system.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable gelatin, rice extract, water

Frequently Asked Questions:

We recommend taking 1 enzyme for lighter foods/snacks and 2 enzymes for heavier meals. Our patients all seem to find their own magic number that works for them, so feel free to take whatever makes you feel best!

Yes! Most of our patients take Advanced Digestive Enzymes in combination with their other supplements, especially [insert Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore™ hyperlink]. Although we have never had any of our patients have problems, consult your medical practitioner if you have questions about specific medications.

Just one… you will see your body digest and process foods better than ever before! There are NO harmful side effects associated with Advanced Digestive Enzymes™. Our product is all natural, vegan, and specially formulated to make our patients feel better. Consult your medical practitioner if you have questions on the matter.

Advanced Digestive Enzymes™ is formulated by our Pharmacist and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist for 30 years plus has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. We are committed to giving our patients the best in digestive care with our 90-day money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, contact us and we will be sure to give you your money back.

Absolutely! Advanced Digestive Enzymes™ is a premium digestive enzyme that can be taken by (almost) anybody. Certain enzymes in Total Digest ™ are actually proven to help digest foods associated with the most common food allergies, such as lactose intolerance.


Looking out for you,Be Well friend

Vimal Patel, RPh,CCN,CAd,DiHom

Functional Health Compounding Pharmacist

Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Certified Addictionologist

Diploma Homeopathy

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