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Our Clinic

At Time4Health’s clinic, we provide knowledge, education and guidance to allow yourself to be in charge and take responsibility for your health; creating the freedom to choose with satisfaction your path to restore, balance or optimize your well being.

A Personalized, client-centered experience

We provide a personalized, client-centered experience to health, emotional and lifestyle issues. We assess and evaluate your overall well being; encompassing mind, body and spirit; with respect to restoring the physical and emotional balance of the body and its various systems.

Bridging the gap

Our goal is to enhance quality of life by helping to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and natural remedies. We want to motivate you and provide a deeper level of understanding of your health in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment so that you can immediately begin to incorporate a new sense of well being into your daily life.

A calm and peaceful environment

When visiting us you will discover a calm and peaceful environment. Your office visit begins with a conversation; one human being to another. We discuss what you want to resolve; we listen. From there, we evaluate and assess the issues you present to us and we work together with you to recommend the tools for you to achieve your goals.

At Time4Health, we provide the guidance and nurturing needed so that you can continue your own harmonious journey towards a fullfilling, satisfied and healthier life. To achieve balance in health and life is within the reach of everyone.

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