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Worried About Bad Breath?

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Bad Breath: Yes it can be embarrassing and create social distance. Breath mints, mouth sprays, and gum is not the answer. The solution can be as simple as changing some basic habits around food, drink, and oral hygiene or it can be a sign or symptom of underlying health issues that require health guidance, counsel and support.


Here are some simple steps to take to eliminate bad breath and if that doesn’t take care of your bad breath then it’s time to seek out expert guidance and health council to uncover the underlying health imbalances or conditions.


  1. Food: Certain foods have more of a sulfur compound smell like eggs, garlic, and onions. Food particles that lodge in your mouth can continue to break down increasing bacteria and both release a bad odor. Cooked fats and protein tend to decompose or rot in your mouth.


Tip: Processed foods add to the problem since they lack components that help in proper digestion.


  1. At the end of your meal or snack, swish and rinse thoroughly your mouth with a few sips of water ensuring that the mouth is left fresh and moist. I like to finish my meals with the salad at the end, it provides roughage and plant fibers to clean teeth and my mouth. 


Tip: Added benefit is that I’m providing prebiotics to my mouth and gut ecosystem and improving digestion throughout my intestines!


  1. Water & Hydration: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Medications all can dehydrate and cause dry mouth. Saliva, hydration, and moisture help to clean and keep the mouth ecosystem in check with healthy microorganisms that eliminate bad breath. I recommend and personally stay hydrated especially after a night out on the town or a party where there may be food and alcohol.


Tip: Probiotics for bad breath: My number one product for bad breath is my clinical-grade formula combo of pre and probiotics called Advanced MultiProBiotics Restore. After brushing your teeth and cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper, take 2 capsules at bedtime with a full glass of water and, a couple of times a week, open a capsule and rub the powder onto my gums and teeth for a healthy and fresh morning mouth.


  1. Infection: You might have an infection of the gums, teeth, sinuses, lungs and or intestines which all can create all kinds of unusual smells and breaths. If the bad breath persists seek out a good healthcare professional who rules out health issues.


Tip: Eliminate added sugars, additives, chemicals, and processed foods out of your diet to maintain and support a healthy immune system. 


  1. Ask: Ask a friend or confidant that will be honest about your breath. People may move away when you speak and do not want to embarrass you.


Tip: Cupping your hands over your mouth and nose to smell your breath is not reliable because of odors in the hand and the body gets used to its own smell over others.


There’s a lot more to bad breath and if the above simple steps do not seem to address bad breath more permanently or if you feel that there’s something more going on, are on medications, have health issues or are just needing to chat and get some guidance from someone who understands how to assess, evaluate and blend medicine, healthcare, natural and holistic approaches then schedule a Complimentary Discovery Consultation.


Looking out for you, Be well friend



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