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Ditch your “Healthy” New Years Resolution for these 4 daily steps you can actually stick with.

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Jeans Fitting Tight After the Holidays? This was a hard holiday season for my diet and I know I can’t be the only one. In my family, we had a few more big dinners and comfort foods dishes than we should have and maybe you did too. But before you go beating yourself up, remember: no one holiday season alone can make someone heavy or thin and it’s what we do now that determines how we are going to look and feel. So instead of a grand resolution this New Year, consider a more manageable commitment and check out this simple routine that I couldn’t recommend more.

Here are my “Fantastic-4:” 4 things you can do that will beat almost any new years resolution resolution. Think of it like a second chance at a new years resolution that you can take anytime:

  • 1. Drink 21oz of purified water in 5 sittings of a minute, away from food on an empty stomach, through the day. Starting with hot water & a few drops of lemon (hot enough to drinking quickly) upon waking in the morning to help with clearing out toxins and empty the bowels.
    • Tip: Carrying a water bottle (plastic-free preferably glass or stainless steel) with you can really help. You can even set a timer so you don’t forget to drink your water.
  • 2. Add a 10 min meditation session at a regular time of the day to maintain a pleasant, joyous outlook with gratitude of for you.
    • Tip: Pick a time that works with your personal rhythm especially to break times of high stress that you have observed in your routines. 
  • 3. Incorporate a  broad spectrum multi-probiotic /prebiotic clinical quality formula: research shows our gut microbiome is connected to our metabolism/energy, immunity, detoxification and emotional health/thoughts of our brain and wellbeing every organ in our body!
    • Tip: Wide variety of whole plant foods feeds the healthy micro-organisms that in turn provide protection, nutrients and helps us detox and shed those unwanted weight and water retention.
  • 4. Pat yourself on the back for the simple and easy baby steps that turn into huge consistent and permanent behaviours.
    • Tip: Did you have a salad with the healthy sandwich over processed fast-food? Did you skip the soda and coffee and have herbal tea? Whatever the choice, be sure to recognize that accomplishment. You can even make note of them so you can look back on your week. You deserve it! Every month take on something simple to do that becomes your way of staying healthy and well.

BONUS: Not all of us can get to the gym as often as we say we will at the beginning of the year. It’s often harder to make other healthy choices when we feel like we are failing at a big goal. Try completing a small physical activity right when you wake up, such as squats, or a few pushups. Even morning stretching can help you make healthier choices throughout the day.

I’m always thinking of ways to help live every day with more energy and vitality, so be sure . You can make this your healthiest year yet!

Nervous about getting started, have health issues, taking meds, not sure what or how to begin ? Contact me or Time4Health directly for a free discreet health consultation to talk about how you can take charge and live a better life.

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