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How to Keep a Strong Immune System: Body’s Best Defense & Protection

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With all the news on coronavirus, it is hard to know what the best course of action is…

  • 30 plus Years of experience in Pharmacy (Specialty Compounding/Nutraceuticals), Medical & Natural Healthcare Education, Professional/Public Speaking, and Consulting; I have had the unique opportunity to learn, connect-the-dots.
  • Share knowledge that bridges multiple fields of sciences. From medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, nutrition, food, agriculture and various healthcare approaches.
  • Helped me come to understand that the quality of our lives and this planet are far better when we come together, connect-the-dots across our combined knowledge. NOW is such a time …
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“A ROBUST IMMUNE SYSTEM IS YOUR BEST DEFENSE & PROTECTION for now against viruses, other types of infections,  immunocompromised conditions and even cancer!!” – Vimal.R.Patel;B.Sc.Pharm,B.Sc.Biology,RPh,CCN,CAd,DiHom

Updated understanding of coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Mutates quickly, yet stays the “same” for us to trace it back a few decades just like other viruses from the past.
  • Invades through “unlocking a special doors” on the surface of cells with a “key” that are the spikes on it’s surface.
  • There are more of these “special doors” on the cells lining our nose, throat, lungs, eyes, blood vessels, heart and kidneys. People with health conditions of these areas end up in a “High Risk Group” and need to be focused on building up their immunity.
  • Certain blood pressure medications as a side-effect “create more doors for the virus to unlock” putting those people in a high risk group.
  • Other medications for heart, circulation, diabetes, pain, auto-immune, inflammation, infections, anxiety, depression, stomach, gut, hormones, birth-control and cancer also lowers your immunity or strains your immune system.

We know how viruses work for decades. We have been dealing with seasonal flu, HIV, H1N1, SARS, MERS, ebola, malaria, ZIKA and many other kinds of infections for sometime now. Viruses are tough to deal with because they mutate all the time. The faster they mutate, the harder it is to develop vaccines specific to them that have a high effective immunity. That is why every year with the flu season, there is a new vaccine that is developed.

This time round, our collective reaction to this virus is unlike any of the other times. Globally, Life was already stretched and stressed with all the existing problems. Coronavirus just turned up the collective global stress, fears, financial strains and uncertainty of our world. How we react emotionally and physically to these times has a direct effect on your immune system and  how well you can defend yourself.  The better you handle stress and are well prepared with healthy and strong immune system, the better  you can deal with the eventual exposure to the virus.

A strong and healthy immune system will help you recover when you do get the virus and also help your immunity remember better for any future attacks and defend you quicker.

Follow these 3 steps to get through this virus exposure and pandemic with less problems:


  1. Protect – Wash Hands & Cover your Mouth/Nose/Eyes
    • viruses need a way in to living cells so cover up the entrances
    • washing your skin with soap and water “pops” the virus armor and destroys them
  2. Slow Spread & Exposure – Social Distancing
    • viruses need hosts to multiple and keeping your distance slow it down how quickly it “burns through the forest”
  3. Prepare & Enhance your Immune System Defenses (Most critical & Important step)
    • Just because we slowed down the “fire” does not mean the “fire’ is done. We have bought TIME. Time to PREPARE and build up healthy and vibrant immune systems.
    • Sooner or Later: You WILL get exposed. You can’t hide. NOW is the time to help armor-plate and make sure your Immunity is ready for the battle.

BONUS: Do’s & Don’ts of Immune Diet & Lifestyle Below

From the CDC (Centers for Disease Control): Slows the Spread while you focus on Strengthening Immunity

Do not panic and horad. There’s plenty of everything to go around. Let people and families that suspect infection or have tested positive have access to hospitals, food and supplies (delivery/families/remote) quickly so they can self quarantine and help protect us all.

  • Slow Spread & Exposure(ALL Age Groups): Keep 6ft distance from others for them and you. Buy online and have things delivered. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces. Scientists are learning that this virus can survive in the air for 2-3 hours and on contaminated surfaces up to 3 days (up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel). 

Pretend you have the virus – How you would protect your loved ones and the people around you? BE HUMANE, Now is the time to treat each other with care, consideration and as family. The rest will come naturally because of our HUMANITY…

MOST IMPORTANT STEP – NOW IS THE TIME: Build & Maintain A Strong Immune System – PERIOD!!

  • Prepare & Enhance your Defenses (Have a Strong Immune System): First two steps help but once you are exposed, how great you are entirely depends on how vibrant and robust of an immune system you have been keeping!!
    • Nourish your Soldiers & Build up your Arsenal – See below for foods to have & avoid along with nutrients & suuplements
    • Stop Distracting your Immune System – Avoid the junk food & Be Cool in the head.
    • Review Medications – Certain prescription and non-prescription drugs weaken your immune system. Contact a holistic Pharmacist if you are on drugs for blood pressure, blood sugars, breathing, auto-immune, allergies, chemo, infections and pain
    • High Risk Health Conditions – Heart/Circulation, Blood Pressure, Diabetic, Breathing, Kidney & Immune Issues means you must be more diligent to maintain a robust immune system. Contact Us and we can guide you.

Top up with what your body naturally makes and needs plenty of to defend and defeat viral infections and more… high-quality antibodies (immunoglobulins), cholecalciferol and a potent community of microbes. It’s what most of your immune system is made up of and I have put together a package as our

Advanced Immune Booster Pak™

My family, loved ones & I personally take this and I highly recommend you to take the Advanced Immune Booster Pak™. I designed the pak to help enhance our natural immune system against viruses, bacteria, fungal, parasites, food poisoning, chemicals, toxins and even cancer.

Three immune support formulations work together to boost innate and acquired immunity & help reduce your risks of getting sick and support recovery time if you already “caught” the Cold/Flu/Bug/Allergens or other infections.

  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE SYSTEM Surveillance & Response*
  • CAPTURES & NEUTRALIZES foreign microbes in the GI*
  • microbes: Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungii, Parasites, Allergens, Toxins*
  • Helps maintain Healthy Gut Microbes & REDUCE inflammation*
  • Supports Gut Integrity & Tissue Repair*
  • Supports Lean Muscle Mass*

Available in both Capsules or Powder (for those that want more quantity with less capsules).


                Immune Capsule Booster Pak™                                   Immune Powder Booster Pak™


Want to go above & beyond with fine-tuning your immune system and healthcare strategy?

Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Discovery Consultation™


  • Over Fed – Under Nourished Syndrome:

Our modern farming and food industry is full of empty-calorie, nutrient deficient food supply that leaves our body and immune system weak, compromised and contributes to many of the modern world chronic diseases from diabetes, cardio-vascular, obesity, inflammatory, auto-immune, neurological, and many more… Focus in on REAL food that is grown with nutrient rich soil and no chemicals. Imagine going back in time prior to the industrial revolution, modern commercial farming with seasonal, locally grown, fresh and ripe of the vine with bright vivid colors and bold tastes! Let that be your guide to nourishing food…

  • AVOID Immune DAMAGING Foods & Drinks: Leaves your “buckets” Empty and Damaged!
    1. Sugar, High carbs foods – sugary foods weaken some immune cells ability to fight infections and cancer by as much as 75%. Trust me on this… If it is NOT grown straight from farm or garden then CUT IT OUT. Anything made from grain flours like breads, pasta, rice, noodles , dough all break into sugar quickly. Food labels are deceiving because they have been high-jacked by the agro special interest groups.
    2. Processed/Junk/Fast food – full of empty calories void of real nutrition, vitamins and trace minerals leads to more cravings, higher consumption which all leads to poor immunity, obesity and higher risks of cardiovascular, diabetic and inflammatory conditions.
    3. Sodas, alcohol, energy drinks, fruit juices, and too much coffee can be dehydrating and diuretic. It gives you a “charge” now at the expense of “frying” out your system which you feel when you “crash” from the high.
    4. Added chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics divert, damage and undermine the immune system and affects every organ and their functions.
    5. Avoid environmental and food sensitivities/allergies as they trigger inflammation, stresses and reduces immune function as well as trigger “fires” and send signals of inflammations that can interfere with healthy workings throughout the body.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTING Food & Drink: Fill Up your “buckets” with the good protective stuff

Best when natural, nutrient-dense, organic and chemical-free

  1. Eat colorful plants with deep, bright, vivid colors like blues, reds, oranges, and yellows high in phytonutrients that lower inflammation and high in antioxidants and immune-supporting vitamins and nutrients:
      • Berries and colorful vegetables
      • Medicinal mushrooms – my go-to is Brazillian agaricus mushroom
      • Herbs & spices – oregano, holy basil, rosemary, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cloves, elderberry, echinacea, etc.
      • Lemons/Limes and other foods high in vitamin-C play a key role in helping immune cells engulf & destroy “bugs”
      • Protein – quality, easily digestible sources both plant and animal-based
      • Hydrate with purified clean water, immune herbal teas, green superfood juices, and broth. Best to drink on an empty stomach. Don’t forget hydrating fruits & vegetables too
  1. Rest/Sleep – Quality, refreshing sleep enhances  immunity
  2. Stop stressing, be grateful and give thanks – emotional & physical stress weakens immunity, so Breath
  3. Get Outdoors –  soak up some sun, fresh air, walk/move/dance – get the oxygen circulating, connect with nature and get grounded. Staying indoors robs us of Vitamin D which is critical for immunity and staying upbeat.
  4. Hydrate – Keep those mucus barriers in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs well moistened for them to trap particles and microbes from getting to the border made of the cells that are attacked. Flush and rinse your mouth and sinuses with water. Use a cool mist humidifier with essential oils that help with breathing and warding off microbes.
  5. Meditate, Pray, have non-judgemental conversations, synchronize your mind/body and Know You Got This Covered – Then Let it go …
Want to go above & beyond in fine-tuning your immune system, reduce medication/health risks and create a vibrant healthcare strategy?

Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Discovery Consultation™

Looking out for you, Be safe, Be Well Friend

Vimal R Patel,B.Sc.Pharm,B.Sc.Biology,RPh,CCN,CAd,DiHom

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