Avoiding the top 12 most contaminated foods

Everyone knows that pesticides are toxic and can pose health risks.  But if you take a bite out of an apple, are you thinking that you’re ingesting pesticides, too?  Many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides to prevent pest infestation and fungi from destroying crops.  But they can also be toxic to humans and cause diseases such as cancer and central nervous system disorders.

You can decrease your pesticide intake by 80% just by avoiding these top 12 most contaminated foods and by switching to organic whenever possible:

Highest in pesticides (switch to organic) 

Apples Nectarines Spinach
Strawberries Grapes Lettuce
Peaches Celery Potatoes
Blueberries Sweet Bell Peppers Kale and Collard Greens

 Lowest in pesticides 

Onions Sweet Corn Pineapple
Avocado Asparagus Sweet Peas
Mangoes Cantaloupe Eggplant
Kiwi Cabbage Watermelon
Sweet Potatoes Grapefruit Mushrooms

Even if you can’t buy organic foods, eat your fruits and vegetables and make sure to thoroughly wash food before eating. The health benefits of fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks of pesticide exposure.  Consuming fresh food, even if it is not organic, is better than eating unhealthy processed food.  Stay away from the lure of fast food and stick to fresh or frozen.


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