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What’s the Big Deal about being Fat, Overweight, or Obese?

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Why is obesity, overweight, and belly fat a big deal?  Many people claim that they’re happy being fat, they enjoy eating and they feel great.  The problem is that the extra fat carried on the body is not just about eating too many calories.

Fat cells are not just a storage place for calories and fat.  They are living tissues that can store fat based chemicals, waste and toxins that the body is exposed to or are made in the process of living.  As fat tissue increases, it can penetrate and surround internal organs like the liver, heart, and muscles.  The extra fat cells produce chemicals and signals telling the body to accumulate more fat, creating a vicious cycle.  This disrupts and changes the healthy metabolism and chemistry of the body.  These changes can interfere with the balance of hormones, inflammation, energy, immunity, heart health, brain function, sugar regulation, practically every aspect of the body’s health. 

Fat is a big deal. Eat whole foods; not processed foods. Look for nutritious chemical free food; take pharmaceutical-grade supplements, drink purified water, and choose an exercise program that is manageable and makes you feel good.  Keeping fat in check keeps the body and its organs healthy.


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