Vimal Patel was recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Foundation for Living Medicine. Formerly known as The Gladys Taylor McGarey Foundation, the Living Medicine Model:

  • Encourages self-responsibility for one’s health and fosters a new relationship between the patient and practitioner;
  • Promotes a triad relationship between the patient and practitioner where the practitioner acts as the coach that guides the patient, as he or she follows the guidance of their ‘life force within’ in order to heal;
  • Recognizes illness as only one facet of life and acknowledges the patient as a ‘whole person,’ rather than a disease;
  • Acknowledges the body’s incredible innate ability to heal; and
  • Works with the tools of holistic medicine, in combination with life experience, to assist in reaching mental, spiritual, and physical wholeness over a lifetime.
In his new role as Chairman, Vimal will help to guide the organization and continue the momentum and support of the work of the Foundation’s Founder, Dr. Gladys McGarey.
For more information on the Foundation and it’s work, visit: www.thefoundationforlivingmedicine.org
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