“I am honored you are allowing me to guide and be a part of your Health & Wellbeing Journey.  You will discover and learn how to enhance your natural healing process, as well as, live a better quality of life that you know is possible.”

Vimal,RPh,CCN, CAd, DiHom

Your health is your most important possession, and that’s why we don’t stop with just providing premium clinical-grade health supplements – we’re striving to help you live a better life every single day. You deserve a focused health evaluation that gets to the heart of the problem and provides solutions and a path to quality of life. Check out these specialized one-on-one consultations to find the one for you. Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Consultation and learn more


Complimentary Discovery Consultation

When you Know that you can be living a better, healthier life but are not sure what to do, where to go or who to team up with. Let’s chat and figure out if you and I are the right fit for what you want as a guide and counsel around your health & wellbeing with this 20 minute scheduled chat by phone or in person.


Medication Review & Prescription Audit

A review of your current medications both prescription and over-the-counter non-prescription medications. Review interactions with drugs, diet, supplements, lifestyle and discover ways to minimize or eliminate most side-effect issues associated with medication use. Discuss the possibilities


Supplements & Nutritional Products Audit

A review of your supplements & nutritional products with suggestions for creating a nutritional supplement program that eliminates the guessing game; focus on gut-body connection, probiotics and the importance of optimizing your microbiome.


Clinical Dietary & Food Recommendations

Dietary guidance and recommendations for nutrient-rich foods that fit your lifestyle and health/medical condition(s).


Weight Management & Lifestyle Evaluation

Discuss factors such as sleep, hormones, Immunity, nutrition, exercise, light, water and lifestyle affects your energies, weight and quality of life.


Holistic Addiction Recovery & Restore
Most addiction programs fail because they replace one form of addiction with another that is acceptable by society instead of addressing the underlying need for balancing the body, brain and mind to avoid suffering life.


Natural Medicinal Recommendations

Natural therapies to enhance your body, energies, mind, emotion, immune system and overall health along with recommendations that are specific for your health condition(s).


Detoxification Methods & Suggestions

Detoxification is essential for everyone with health & wellbeing concerns. There are various options and systems for detoxification of the body and mind. “Letting go” literally and figuratively is one of the keys to great health and quality of life.


Lab Tests: Interpretation & Recommendations

Past or recents laboratory test results can be very helpful to review and can help reveal the underlying story, issues and helps eliminate blind spots. Recommendations may be made for additional and more insightful labs than what’s done elsewhere as needed.


Body-Mind-Spirit Connection to Health & Wellbeing

Techniques in Breathing, Meditation, Diet and Medications & Lifestyle adjustments to provide calmness in the body and mind. Considerations, guidance and becoming aware of how the body and mind affect each other. When your thoughts, emotions and energies leave you feeling out of synch physically & mentally with living the Life you know you can be Living.


Three Month Health & Wellbeing Programs

There are times when what’s needed is guidance and support over more of an extensive series of customized deep-dive consultations covering a range of the topics and services with assessments, evaluations, recommendations and coaching in a non-judgemental and safe environment to discuss any and all aspects of living this human life. Find out which is the best fit for you: Starter Program, Comprehensive Program or Executive Program


Initial Deep Dive Consultation

I refer to our initial consultation as a 5-Hour Deep Dive Session (2-hours of my time + 3 or more hours of your time). After spending about 1&1/2 hours with you on our in person or phone consultation, I spend an additional hour or more sending you emails summarizing the information we discussed along with links to websites, products, and a variety of additional supportive materials. After our session, you will need to spend two or more hours reading and studying the follow-up information I send to you.

Body/Mind Users Manual Quote

I often start a lot of my speaking engagements with: “No one teaches you about Life. School teaches you about facts and figures and how to earn a living. But when it comes to your life, your health & wellbeing… No teaches you how to use the user manual on Being Human.” For most, it’s a guessing game or better yet ignore it until something happens and then give away Your power and control over your health to an “expert”.

There are some basic foundational Rules of Health & Wellness that you must learn in order to live a healthy life as well as have a process that allows you to age with quality of life. Unfortunately, most people did not have good role models and teachers when it comes to health and wellbeing. I specialize in guiding and teaching these rules of health with your permission so in time you can become better in control of your health. At the end of it all, this is Your Life and I find that follow through and compliance is much greater when you understand the ways of health & wellbeing.

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