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The Sugary Truth about Disease

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Sugar, and the foods that break down into sugar quickly (including processed foods that contain hidden sugar), are in my professional opinion, the leading contributors of Diabesity (diabetes and obesity), high blood pressure, cholesterol. cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel conditions and autoimmune issues.

When you eat or drink high carb or sugar laden foods, your blood sugar level spikes.  That’s when your body releases insulin, whose job is to deal with the excess sugar.  Insulin directs sugar into the cells.  When your muscles don’t need it, sugar is stored in your fat cells, adding inches to your waistline.  If your blood sugar is elevated frequently and/or for long periods of time, it can cause some serious damage.

Sugar cooks and hardens the tissues and blood vessels inside your body, increasing your risk for cardiovascular conditions such as hardened and clogged arteries or increased bad cholesterol which can result in heart attack or stroke as well as creating a fatty liver, kidney problems, vision issues and nerve damage (numbness and tingling).

Your sweet tooth also affects the way you digest food.  Sugar feeds the unhealthy organisms, Candida and yeast in your body.  Eating sugar damages the friendly bacteria which help support your digestion, immune system, neutralize waste and toxins, fight bad bacteria and viruses, as well as promote healthy bowel movements.

Studies show that within 30 minutes after consuming sugar, the immune system is lowered, opening you up for viral and fungal infections. When white blood cells encounter “bad” bacteria and viruses they must ingest or phagocytize these organisms in order to neutralize them.  The phagocytic index measures how effective a particular white blood cell is at destroying viruses, bacteria & cancer cells.  Elevated blood sugar impairs this phagocytic index.  In fact, a blood sugar of 120 reduces the phagocytic index by 75% !

Abnormal cells, such as cancer cells, love to feed and multiply on sugar.  In fact, the way that cancer is detected is by injecting radioactive sugar into your body and observing where it concentrates.

You will find sugar in the everyday products that you consume.  Sugary/flavored coffee drinks, sodas, sports drinks and flavored teas all contain sugar or sugar additives.  It is best to limit high carbohydrate or “white foods” including breads, potatoes, pasta, rice and noodles.

See my post entitled, How to Correctly Read Nutrition Facts Labels.


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