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The Power of Worry & Your Immune System

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The Power of Worry & Your Immune System

We all know that stress isn’t good for us, but does stress actually have the power to cause real damage on our bodies? The facts on stress just might stress you out:  


What is stress?

Stress leads to distress: it’s not just something you FEEL in the form of emotions, but it is REAL for your Body and it has a massive effect on your chemistry too!!

The primary systems that get hit are your immune system and digestive system. Both of these systems are intimately connected. In fact, the majority of your immune system resides in your Digestive Tract, and that means you need to take care of it!!


How do we know stress on the body is real?

This is one of the reasons why we have so many folks with digestive and weak immunity. Issues like heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation/diarrhea, food sensitivities, allergies and even malnutrition and obesity. Globally, Americans are some of the most stressed and unhappy people, and that shows up as weight gain, weakened immune systems, all sorts of infections, auto-immunity problems, various inflammatory/heart problems and high rates of cancer!


What does it do to the body?

Physically, stress breaks down the body, disrupts repair, and restoration.  Some common responses can include pains in the stomach from stopping digestion, holding one’s breath, it can even cause the release of acid which in turn leads to heartburn. Some will get urges to relieve themselves of stool or pee in some cases. In others, heart rate jumps along with their blood pressure and their eyes dilate and the light gets to be too bright. Yes, these are the same body responses that occur from fear too which is a form of stress too. These are all actual physical body responses to stress.


What happens if you don’t stop it?

Human physiology is not designed to be under stress 24/7, our bodies were designed for short term stress and best operate from a place of calm, relaxed, open, and receptive mode. Well Shoot!! That doesn’t describe our society or environment – does it?

Now stress is an amazing tool when we use it to pay more attention or keep us going in dire situations.  It’s even important to help us stay aware of danger and helps us stay focused and alert, much as we have for the majority of humanity. Stress responses are what helps us survive and run from the Lion to safety. The problem in our modern world is that we are being chased by modern lions like our busy schedules, deadlines, work, confrontations, and uncomfortable social interactions. Well that means, you’re practically running from the Lion all day long, and for some even at night (can’t shut the mind and fall peacefully asleep! – Hmm – “Stress out much?”). This constant on the “treadmill”, always on, always connected, Instant, and on-demand lifestyle we live is actually breaking us down… emotionally and physically and opening us up for all sorts of health issues related to our immunity and our overall quality of health. Now, we may label these health issues things like obesity, heart issues, blood pressure, diabetes, auto-immune, joint pains, arthritis, digestive issues, immune-compromised, inflammation and even issues with your mind like anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability, anger, sadness, overwhelmed and on and on…


Over time our systems begin breaking down and since all the systems in your body are connected – so – Stress, both emotional & physical, can start having an effect on all your systems directly and indirectly. No Wonder why in today’s disruptive, pressure cooker of an environment with the pandemic, economy and polarized society that we have higher incidences of people of all ages vulnerable to having immunity and digestive issues that then has the possibility of festering into other health problems mentioned above including susceptibility to all kinds of infections!!


What can you do now?

All of this and more cause we do not know how to Relax, Chill, Calm Down, Be Cool. One of the best ways to help Protect, Restore, Repair and Recover from the physical effects of stress is to support your digestive and immune system with daily use of a combination of Advanced Immune Booster Pak and Advanced Digestive Enzymes. Think of these high-quality formulas as clinical nutrition-focused and targeted to support both the digestive and immune systems function properly even in the face of the stressors of our modern lives. Especially when our lives are revved up and under pressure. That’s when it’s most imperative to NOT get Depleted, Not break down, Not let down our guard against the things we get thrown into or exposed to.


We can’t all live a perfectly healthy life and stress can be an unavoidable part of daily life. But that also doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do… You need to provide your system the support it needs. If you are worried about stress and your health, try Advanced Immune Booster Pak and Advanced Digestive Enzymes create a supportive and protective shield against the perils of stress. Build up and maintain a strong, vibrant immune and digestive system. You will notice the difference between having your body struggle versus effortlessly handle the day with grace and ease.


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