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The Difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics

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Prebiotics are a natural fibrous food material for Probiotics.  Probiotics are healthy microorganisms in the body that are specifically known to benefit the gastrointestinal or GI tract.

Prebiotics create and maintain healthy conditions in the GI, which in turn helps to reduce inflammatory reactions in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract.  They promote digestive health by supporting healthy microorganisms (probiotics) which prevents “bad” bacteria overgrowth.  Prebiotics help to support the immune system, digestive functions and colon health/bowel regularity. 

Different types of prebiotics support different types of microorganisms in the GI.  To maintain a good balance of healthy microorganisms, it is important to have a variety of prebiotic foods as part of your diet.  Vegetables and fruits contain prebiotics in the form of fibers and natural sugars.  This is why a diet high in fiber and low in simple sugars is important.  You need regular daily doses of fiber to maintain sufficient levels of prebiotics.

Studies on prebiotics have revealed benefits in reducing inflammatory conditions in the gut such as Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  A high fiber diet is also beneficial in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer.

Probiotics support and promote gastro intestinal health.  A healthy gut will provide the body with a healthier immune system, will aid in the removal of toxins, encourage regular elimination, keep you free of bad breath, reduce inflammation throughout the body, and maintain energy levels through the improved production of Vitamin B.  Probiotics help to reduce the risk of infections and defends the body against harmful toxins, parasites, bacteria, and fungus with natural antimicrobials.  At Time4Health, we recommend our proprietary, pharmacist-formulated Advanced MultiProBiotic Restore because it contains prebiotics.  The healthy flora in this product supports the immune system against the harmful side effects of antibiotics, birth control pills, oral hormones, pain and other medications.

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