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Not all Vitamin Supplements are Created Equal

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Four Easy Ways to tell if your Vitamins are Working for You

Although most people lead hectic lifestyles, the focus on staying healthy has gone main stream. Vitamin supplements have become well over a 25 billion dollar industry.  With so many choices today, it’s hard to know which products are the best.  As a compounding pharmacist and a nutritionist, I am often asked how consumers can tell if their supplements are worth the investment. 

Here are four easy ways to tell if your vitamins and nutritional supplements are working for you:

  • Are they all natural and made from whole food?
  • Are the molecules bioactive, bio-identical, and bio-available? These molecules make the product ready to use for your body.
  • Does the product contain fillers or binders?  One way to know for sure is to read the “other ingredients” portion of the supplemental facts label.
  • Are the products considered “clinical grade?”  These are products that are available through some vitamin retailers and many practitioners.

??? Do you have questions or comments about vitamin supplement effectiveness? I’d like to hear from you.


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