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Natural Ways to Combat a Tooth Infection

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Recently, a patient sent me an email regarding a dental problem. During a routine cleaning, she was told that she had a fistula on her upper gum near a tooth. The dentist felt that the tooth looked infected and advised her to have a root canal. Although she understood that a root canal was necessary, she had to postpone the surgery due to a scheduling conflict. In the meantime, she was concerned that an infected tooth would compromise her immune system and asked for my advice.

To help alleviate the discomfort and reduce the risk of infection, I suggested the following remedy:

Advanced Digestive Enzymes: After brushing, open 2 capsules and rub the powder into the border of the inflamed gums and surrounding teeth.  Leave the enzyme powder on for 10 minutes or until the powder dissolves.  The digestive enzymes help digest small particles and pockets of food or debris around the inflammation.  The digestive enzymes also assist in breaking down the bio-film barrier which creates plaque and an environment that harbors infectious organisms.  A soft bristle tooth brush can be used to gently push the digestive enzymes into the fistula, as well as the gaps between the teeth and gum.

To support the body’s immune system and fight infection, I advised her to do the following:

Open one capsule each of Advanced ProBiotic Formula and Advanced Immune & Recovery Support.  Make a paste with a few drops of water.  Using a clean finger or a soft bristle toothbrush, apply liberally to the infected area and leave the paste on until completely dissolved.  For additional support and to strengthen the gum tissue, open one capsule of Advanced Energy (CoQ10) to the paste. Apply any extra paste to the rest of your teeth.







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