Hormones are an important subject but most people aren’t aware of how important.  That’s because you can’t see, smell, taste, touch, or hear the hormones we are surrounded by in our daily lives. 

As a Compounding Pharmacist and Integrative Practitioner I have dispensed both pharmaceutical synthetic hormones as well as made bio-identical hormones for patients. There is a place for BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement therapy) but there is also much ignorance and misconception both in the healthcare and the general population. Estrogen/xenoestrogen dominance is prevalent and I applaud everyone who brings attention to this. 

When it comes to hormones, I find it useful while educating clients to help them grasp the complexity of the endocrine system to break things down in 3 parts. 

1st: Are you making or taking hormones (including medicinal, exposure via food, chemical, environmental or lifestyle-personal care products)? Identify both external and internal sources of hormone production. Are they in balance, supportive or harmful? 

2nd: Are you using the hormones appropriately? Is the chemistry of your body allowing for appropriate utilization of these hormones via pathways that are then beneficial or detrimental? This is where aromatization, activation/deactivation of chemical pathways, conversion of hormones leading to a balance or imbalance of internal chemistry and its’ consequences. 

3rd: Whether you are taking, making or how you are using your hormones, are you breaking them down and getting rid of them? This is where the organs of detoxification come into play – Lymphatics, Kidney, Liver and the Gut. Are they working efficiently? Are they neutralizing, deactivating hormones/ by-products and removing them? 

I have found over my 30+ years of practice that detoxification issues tend to be the major impairment that faces most folks living the western lifestyle. I would say that 80% or more of the various side-effects and conditions facing the majority of folks fall in this category. 

Helping and educating clients with this 3 part approach has been most useful in allowing people to own and take responsibility for their health conditions.

Looking out for you, be well friend,

Vimal Patel,RPh,CCN,CAd,DiHom

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