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Do the Elderly Take Too Many Pills?

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As a Pharmacist and Integrative Health Practitioner, I have seen so many folks with multiple medications that have been prescribed or purchased over-the-counter that aren’t necessary. If only someone had taken the time to sit down and go over the need for them. Providing one-on-one consulting has allowed me to help so many patients with their healthcare needs.mp900398845

WHO (World Health Organization) more than a decade ago published a report that stated that anyone who takes more than 5 medications at a time has a 100% chance of drug-drug interactions. Here in the United States, we routinely discharge patients with more than 6 medications!

As an advocate and informing all the health practitioners involved in an elder’s care, I have been able to help by reducing or eliminating duplicate medications, which in turn reduces side-effects.

Close to 80% of side-effects associated with medications are because of nutrient losses that are directly the result of taking medications taken incorrectly! Additionally, you can minimize potential side-effects by recommending the appropriate nutritional supplements.

Educating and helping the caregivers and elderly with improving their dietary, exercise/mobility and lifestyle choices provides much healthier and lasting benefits. I have had the pleasure of helping eliminate medications completely from many a patient by providing solutions that help balance their health.  Have you had any experiences with multiple medications?  What steps have you taken to help balance the health of your loved one?



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