With Cancer therapy people experience digestive, intestinal, and immune deterioration. This is why people lose weight (muscle mass and hair loss), are unable to absorb nutrients properly, have immunity issues and have digestive, intestinal and bowel problems during therapy.

Chemotherapy and Radiation can also cause many patients to experience body mass/muscle wasting.  A higher amount of protein is recommended to prevent weight/muscle /hair loss, maintain bone health, help with energy, and support the immune system.  Sugar reduces the immune system and feeds the cancer.  All Cancer patients should avoid consuming foods that contain sugar.

Advanced Wellness Shake is a clinical grade whey protein that is easy to digest, contains no added sugar, and tastes great.

Since digestion is compromised during Cancer therapy, plant based digestive enzymes support digestion throughout the intestinal tract.  Taking two or more capsules of Advanced Digestive Enzymes with meals or snacks will aid in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. 

Cancer therapy damages the intestinal barrier and creates a “leaky gut” (microscopic holes in its lining) which further compromises the immune system.  Friendly microorganisms found in the Gut are destroyed during treatment.  Advanced ProBiotic Formula provides a broad and synergistic range of healthy microorganisms. These microorganisms fight against germ and infections, build and support the intestinal barrier, neutralize toxins and waste, and make B vitamins. Advanced MultiProBiotic Restore is best taken on an empty stomach, two or more in the morning and three or more at bedtime depending on symptom. 

Bowel regularity is greatly improved when both Advanced Digestive Formula and Advanced ProBiotic Formula are utilized together.

Side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation are significantly reduced when using higher doses of Immunoglobulin G as found in Advanced Immune & Recovery.  The immunoglobulin’s (proteins that defend your body against germs) in Advanced Immune & Recovery support your body by capturing and neutralizing germs, helps with “leaky gut”, and restores appetite.

When these four formulations are used in combination in appropriate amounts, people experience minimal side effects, are to complete their cancer protocol, and speed up recuperation and recovery.

Looking out for you, be well friend,

Vimal Patel,RPh,CCN,CAd,DiHom

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