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Are you Tired of Being Tired?

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Simple steps to improve metabolism and increase energy levels

Fatigue or always feeling tired is a common symptom. Because of busy and stressful lifestyles most people will be affected by fatigue at one time or another. A good night’s sleep will often relieve fatigue, but not always. I have had many people come to my practice complaining of constant fatigue, or even depression, and quite often, there are underlying issues causing the problem. Stress is almost always a factor. Poor diet is another. Being overweight, is still another as well as being under weight. All of these factors can trigger fatigue.

Before you reach for an over-the-counter or prescription sleep aid, or grab an energy-boosting drink in the middle of the day, try these simple steps to help improve metabolism and increase energy levels:

Eat at regular intervals during the day.

Coffee is not a substitute for breakfast! Add a scoop of protein powder to your morning coffee and accompany it with a protein-rich breakfast such as   organic sausage or bacon or a cup of Greek yogurt and some fresh fruit.

Don’t be afraid to eat foods with healthy fats. Most people are “fat phobic” and eat too little because of fear of gaining weight. Not eating enough foods with healthy fats will reduce energy and cause fatigue.

Munch on a handful of nuts, a few olives, hummus and veggies or cheese and crackers for a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Consume foods with less protein at dinner time. Reduce or eliminate alcohol or caffeine in the evenings.

Always minimize sugar intake whenever possible. Sugar only provides a short burst of energy and then, a rapid fatigue crash.

Take time to relax.

Give yourself permission to relax. Take time during the day and at bedtime to take deep breaths; this not only reduces stress, it also helps to remove toxins from the body.

  Before bedtime, turn off the television and listen to soothing music or read a book.

  Take a warm bath; focus on pleasant thoughts, do yoga or meditation.

  These simple changes can improve metabolism and increase energy levels. Of course, i  if symptoms persist, it is best to contact your healthcare professional.

 ??? What has been successful for you in relieving systems of fatigue?

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