What you love to eat & drink not loving you back? Are having to break-up and avoid certain foods and drinks? Are your meals,drinks, even snacks leaving you with a stomach ache, gut ache, thick phlegm, bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation or drained of energy, tired & sleepy?
That’s your body kicking you that your ability to digest, breakdown and properly use food & drink is messed up… You can ignore it, silence it with drugs from the pharmacy and even blame it on your age but the fact remains… Your digestive system is f@#*ked!!
Now you can get into why, how, when, who, what got you here. Yes, you can lay blame on the industrial chemical-food complex, environmental pollution, society, social pressures, cravings, tasty pleasures and indulgences. None of that matters. What matters is What are YOU going to DO about it??
Without getting into a Phd thesis and “dumping” 3 decades of knowledge on you… 😉
You KNOW this, just be conscious & aware of these 3 simple steps to start with:
1) Avoid the foods that you know is “kicking your butt” and starting “fires” in your body and, YES, even in your Mind. What? You think your brain is not part of your body?
2) Consume real natural food. Your existence is because of nature. As of yet, Man-made chemicals DOES NOT have create a human being. Right??
3) Help restore what is lacking in modern diets, replenishing better breakdown of nutrition and improve your digestive system with… broad range of plant-based digestive enzymes with each snack, meal or foods that you would like to “make-up” with 🙂
Introducing Advanced Digestive Enzymes™: made by nature, formulated by Vimal, an inquisitive, questioning, renegade pharmacist, board certified clinical nutritionist,certified addictionologist and holistic practitioner.
Advanced Digestive Enzymes™: is a clinical-grade formulation of broad-spectrum, plant-based digestive enzymes that works with any diet, nutrients and supplements to help enhance the process of digestion. As you aid digestion, you help to reduce the fires of inflammation, damage and dis-ease while and helping your body’s inherent and innate intelligence to restore digestive function and begin the path to restore health with better use of the nutrients and building block in your diet made of real, chemical-free food.

What you eat, drink & breath becomes you. Your body takes what you consume and transforms it into your physical being: your energy, your body,your emotions and your thoughts! That is what your body does, that is its job, it does not discriminate between what you consume if it gets past your senses – your taste, smell, vision, sound, temperature, taste and texture. The problem with our modern diets is that it’s lacking in nutrients, the basic building blocks of what makes us alive and a vibrant healthy life.

Here’s what my decades in “Healthcare” has taught me. It’s not healthcare – it’s the “wait-until-you-breakdown-have-sickness-or-illness-so-we-can-fix-you-because-you-don’t-know-care system”… We are not taught Selfcare, Preventative-Health and Health-Maintenance of your system of Energy, Body and Mind (Emotions & Thoughts). We are unconsciously or consciously taught to go about consuming with disregard to whether the diets are in sync or in harmony with your energy, body,emotions or thoughts – let alone your spirit or Life itself!

Food is grown and produced with haste, harvested, altered and prepared so we can transport across the globe and consume it without inconvenience anytime of day or night. In doing so, we remove or drastically remove the very enzymes that help us to digest and extract nutrients, the very building blocks, from our diet adding to the breakdown of the digestive system, poor digestion and the beginning of health problems. All because of the lack of digestive enzymes found in real, unadulterated, live food!

An easy, convenient and simple place to support and begin restoring better health to you and your family is to replenish the digestive enzymes your diet is deficient in with every meal, snack or treat, afterall, what you consume has to be digested and that’s what you’re doing when you take Advanced Digestive Enzymes™.
This is Your time to live life to its fullest, unbound and unrestricted with vibrancy and great health… Your Time4Health is NOW
Looking out for you, be well friend
Blessings & Hugs

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