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5 Major Health Risks when Total Cholesterol is 150 or Less:

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Total Cholesterol lab results are simply reporting a number and with only an upper limit and not a Lower Limit!! Does that mean the lower the better? ABSOLUTELY NOT…

The most widely used lab reports do not report a range because they are not tasked to do so. Understanding and interpreting the results in relation to your health is not their job. 

What you need to Know:

Let’s get one thing straight… You can not SURVIVE  let alone THRIVE without cholesterol. Just like water, cholesterol is not your enemy. Both are critical and both need to be in balance for the health of your body in order for you to live a quality life.

Everything “looks OK” to most clinicians because there is no “red flag” on lab tests and results reported, but to me, the blood work is screaming that you are low in total cholesterol when the number is 150 or less..

Tip: When it comes to cholesterol: Think OPTIMIZED BALANCE not the Lower the Better

In-fact, your body will adjust production of cholesterol when it detects that the levels are getting low or out of balance. Every single cell of your body needs cholesterol as a building block to function normally.

5 Major Health issues with low total cholesterol of 150 or less:

(based on current worldwide research)

  • 1.Brain & nervous system problems
  • 2.Pain/inflammatory conditions
  • 3.Hormonal/endocrine dysfunction
  • 4.Immunity issues
  • 5.Poor repair and healing

This is a classic problem with cholesterol values because it does not have a bottom number and so cholesterol becomes vilified as bad for the heart and circulation… Baloney!! Your entire body, every single cell and biochemistry is dependent on cholesterol.

Did you know: 60% of your brain by weight is meant to be Healthy FAT. Wishing you to be a “Fat Head” – That’s a compliment 😉

This is why you will always hear me say: “Eating Fat is of Key Importance ”.

You just need someone to guide, share and show you what that means and how to OPTIMIZE & BALANCE it all. Try this in your Diet: incorporate chemical free and when possible, organic, real fat from nature. AVOID & DO NOT EAT processed, trans-fats or fats that smell rancid.


Tip: My favorite healthy fat is clarified grass-fed butter aka “ghee”, (used for thousands of years in eastern cultures) and/or have some grass fed butter with your meals. Certain types nuts and seeds are also a great 


Poor Diets & Unhealthy Fats: Our diets have changed for the worse, depleting certain kinds of fats that help create an ideal healthy balance and pool of critical fats in our body called Omega3. I highly recommend taking clinical-grade omega 3’s high in EPA and DHA as they are critical for the heart, brain, hormones, healing, repair not mention lowering pain and inflammation

Advanced EPA/DHA and Advanced Hi-DHA

Tip: Non-farmed, Deep Sea, cold ocean water fatty fish are a great source of healthy fats. 

With 30 plus years of experience and the thirst to learn, share and a desire to help you live your life with quality, we can together embark on a journey of health & wellness because you know you can be living a better life… Schedule a 20 min chat with me, it’s complementary and find out what’s possible when it comes to health & wellness: Discovery Consultation

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