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5 Skincare Tips

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Your skin is one of the largest organs in or on your body. It is exposed to the outside world and acts as a barrier between you and everything that is not your body. You feel the world through your skin with temperature, pressure and pain sensations. You nourish your body through the skin with moisture and sunlight that converts to warmth and helps make vitamin D. It is exposed to toxins and allergens in the environment that can either damage the skin and or absorb into the body. 

When you take care of your skin, it will continue to help you thrive, look vibrant and young and is an indicator overall health. Here are 5 simple things to take care of such a vital organ – Your skin:

  • 1. Purified Water: Hydrate. Your skin works best when it has about 60-65% water in it. It doesn’t dry out and is able to function better. Coconut oil applied on moist skin after a shower is also a great way to lock in moisture in the skin.

Tip: Drink 20oz of purified water on an empty stomach upon waking with a little bit of lemon to start off a healthy skin day.

  • 2. Use less soap/body wash: Soaps & body washes are harsh and they remove protective oils that your skin produces to maintain all the functions. A small amount of gentle, chemical & additive-free cleansers for the odorous areas if fine. Just rinse yourself with water well and watch how well your skin does.

Tip: Want less oily skin? Use fewer soaps/cleansers. you dry out or remove the natural oils and your skin makes more to replace what it naturally needs to function properly. Fewer cleansers mean less oil is produced to maintain balance and less clogged pores!!

  • 3. Support your skin microbiome, yes there are healthy microorganisms that live on your skin and the more balanced the microbiome is, the healthier your skin as it actually helps to fight and protect against skin conditions and infections. There’s a strong connection with the microorganisms with your gut. In Fact, your skin health is a reflection of your gut health. Coconut oil applied on moist skin after a shower is also a great way to reduce unwanted microbes.

Tip: Daily use of a multi-probiotics formula that includes prebiotics and probiotics is essential for awesome gut and skin health. Often, pimples and acne have cleared when a clinical-grade, high-quality pre and probiotic is taken daily. Advanced Multi-ProBiotics Restore

  • 4. Eat healthy fats for great glowing skin. Your skin cells need fat as part of the healing and protective process against sun exposure, rashes, and inflammation. Coconut oil applied on moist skin after a shower is also a great way to reduce inflammation.feed the health microbes

Tip: Clinical grade quality fish oils with a higher concentration of special oils will help reduce inflammation and maintain a good balance of healthy fats and support the hormones for fewer skin problems: Advanced EPA/DHA

  • 5. Use moisturizers with high water content and antioxidants. The more natural the skin lotion the better. Avoid antiseptic, antibacterial lotions and soaps since they kill the good microbes and play havoc on your microbiome. Avoid non-prescription over the counter anti-inflammatory creams and lotions. The mask skin conditions and can actually make certain types of infections worse by feeding them and lower skin immune system!

Tip: Sunshine is good… Exposure to the morning or evening sun is a great way to get your immune-boosting, mood-enhancing vitamin D naturally. Notice how your skin has a healthy glow when you spend time outdoors or vacation in sunny locations.

Ask for your vitamin D levels at the next doctor’s visit to make sure you are ideally in the upper normal blood range and not less since there’s plenty of evidence that lower levels with our indoor lives increase our health risks. Clinical quality, high-grade liquid vitamin D3 drops are an excellent way to support yourself too.

Sunscreen Caution: There’s evidence that sunscreens are blocking the production of vitamin D adding to an epidemic of low vitamin D, as well as most of us living life indoors. Not to mention sunscreens with their synthetic chemicals are not healthy for the skin, hormonally or the environment, especially the damage to coral reefs worldwide.

With 30 plus years of experience and the thirst to learn, share and a desire to help you live your life with quality, we can together embark on a journey of health & wellness because you know you can be living a better life… Schedule a 20 min chat with me, it’s complimentary and finds out what’s possible when it comes to health & wellness: Discovery Consultation

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