"Tired of playing the guessing game with my life"

I was referred to Vimal about 4 years ago when I decided to take charge of my health, even though I wasn’t experiencing any specific medical condition. I was in my early 60’s (female), not feeling my best, and frustrated with the “Vitamin Supplemental Industry”. I never was sure about which supplements would be beneficial for my body nor how much to take. I was very tired of playing the guessing game with my life.

As I worked with Vimal, I was able to feel more energy, my “foggy” brain cleared, blood sugar issues and inflammation were reduced.  He was also able to address my hormonal depletion. Physically, I am in such a better state of health than I ever was.  But besides that, I have been able to experience a journey of emotional and spiritual maturity.  I credit Vimal for assisting me to open doors of understanding that I never knew were there for me to open!

Vimal is a very compassionate, knowledgeable, highly intelligent and a keenly observant Nutritionist/Bio Chemist/Pharmacist. I think this best describes what Vimal is, on the “outside”. What Vimal truly is, is Extraordinaire!   He has the ability to be wholly present with his clients. He becomes a teacher, a guide, a counselor supporting each individual to BE in Health – Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Whether you find yourself in an extremely challenging state of ill-health, frustrated by the standard medical approach, seeking to find a health professional that “hears” you, rather than give you another pill to pop; or someone like myself, I highly recommend Vimal Patel.  When you sit across Vimal and converse, you realize you are in the presence of someone who respectsYOU!

Constance K., Arizona

"Haven’t felt this great in years"

I was in poor and declining health when a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Vimal Patel. Vimal took the time to explain processes and potential outcomes to me. He guided me through possible scenarios while being sensitive to budget.

Vimal’s combination of science knowledge along with his holistic approach has made a difference in my health; I haven’t felt this great in years! I continue to take Vimal’s supplements because they are pharmaceutical grade, which has helped me to achieve faster results.

I would not hesitate to recommend Vimal to family and friends. Thank you many times over!

Karla P., Fountain Hills, AZ

"A Wealth of Knowledge"

Vimal’s wealth of knowledge and his training is diversified. In my opinion, his approach to health is influenced by years of wisdom passed by down to him by generations of family members in the medical field. Vimal has an ability to read and listen to the body and then develop a plan to restore it back to health; not by covering up the symptoms with medication; but by restoring health through nutrition. Those who seek out Vimal are probably those who have exhausted western medicine and have a friend or loved one who has exhausted western medicine. Vimal is a great man and it is my privilege to have met him and recommend him as a source and lifeline for those that want to fight for health and anti-aging.

Barbara M, Phoenix, AZ

"One of the Best"

I was referred to Vimal Patel in July 1998, by Lois Peach, Director of the Phoenix Sjogren’s Syndrome Support Group. I quickly realized that, as she had indicated, he was “one of the best.”

I personally already had several strikes against me. Not only was I saddled with an autoimmune disease about which other specialists knew little, I also had other limitations, including my recent recovery from some major heart problems; and I was still suffering with a string of digestive difficulties.

Having always been rather healthy in prior years, it was discouraging to find myself in such poor condition. Vimal created a nutritional program for me which gradually began to guide my health back into a more positive direction.

Whenever I find myself sliding into a less than ideal health situation, it is usually due to my own failure to live up to Vimal Patel’s instructions, and then, believe me; I sincerely try to get back on track again!

Aside from his obvious nutritional capabilities, one of his major assets is the fact that he is a very articulate spokesperson on many associated medical subjects, and consequently is frequently called upon to give excellent talks to community groups.

Wink B, Scottsdale, AZ

"Vimal’s genuine listening skills make me feel respected and honored"

Vimal Patel helped me to overcome a health crisis situation I was experiencing five years ago and did more for me in one month than a number of other healthcare practitioners.

Perhaps the favorite part of working with Vimal is the special time he takes to explain what is happening to me physically; then the care with which he tests products kinesthetically that might work to alleviate or lesson the symptoms of my current condition. He intuitively senses my mind-set during the appointment and seems to know instinctively what the best approaches are at that moment, to support me mentally as well as physically. I have learned immeasurable amounts of self-help and in-depth health information, which daily serves me in making sound decisions regarding achieving optimal health.

Vimal’s genuine listening skills make me feel respected and honored. He never rushes me or becomes impatient with anything I present to him, despite the many challenges he’s faced with my chronic health issues. I always leave the office with new valuable wellness tools to try. And, Vimal is never opposed to my seeing other practitioners for additional health support and often suggests that as an adjunct to what I’m doing.

I am significantly more energetic and out of crisis mode in my daily life, which I was a year ago and optimistic I will regain optimal health if I continue to follow his suggestions. I consistently take his probiotics and digestive enzymes, which are the best I’ve found for efficacy.

Vimal’s strong points are superior in-depth knowledge on holistic nutrition and appropriate supplementation, ability to communicate what is happening to me health-wise at a biochemical level and why, precise attention to detail and willingness to work with me as a unique individual. There is no cookie cutter approach to his patient practice. I feel like a special person in his care.

I enjoy going to the Time4Health office, because I am always greeted with ‘real love’, warmth, compassion, and genuine care and concern for my well being.

I always recommend Vimal to anyone who is experiencing difficult health issues.

Janet M. – Phoenix, AZ

"Come to Vimal for a proper diet for your body; but you will also leave with a proper diet for mind and spirit"

Vimal Patel is one of the most caring and endearing health care providers I’ve come across. He didn’t just hear my concerns, but actually listened and sympathized with my situation. If you are in need of nutritional advice, his knowledge and skill are vast and thorough. However, what really impressed me was the psychological support and comfort I received.  His sessions were cathartic and fulfilling. Come to him for a proper diet for your body, but you will also leave with a proper diet for your mind and spirit.

B.B. - Scottsdale, AZ

"Love the Vanilla shake!"

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your Vanilla shake! I have been drinking it as my post-workout shake and it is fantastic! I’m trying to build lean muscle and lose fat, but I was having a terrible time trying to find good protein shakes that don’t have all of the nasty artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. I’m so glad my mom recommended that I check out your website! And thank you for putting out such an excellent product!!!”

Shawna L.

“Our own modern-day Hippocrates (and quite possibly, more brilliant)...”

Vimal is a wise soul who really understands the complex makeup of the human body on a level I’ve never seen before in the healthcare industry.

I’ve worked with Time4Health on several occasions: The first two times with my parents, and most recently, discovering the most optimal version of myself in reviving my own mind and body. Vimal is our own modern-day Hippocrates (and quite possibly, more brilliant) with a point of view that innovates and challenges the rules and guidelines set by Western medicine.

I highly recommend Vimal’s expertise and infinite knowledge for anyone interested in truly taking charge of improving the quality of their life. You’ll be in partnership with an incredible thinker that listens, innately cares, and only has the best intentions for healing the only vessel with which we were blessed.

There’s literally no one like Vimal and I am forever grateful that our paths happened to cross in this massive, extraordinary universe.

Alicia B., New York

“I have been going to Vimal for at least 25 years.”

I learned about his products when he was a pharmacist at a local hospital pharmacy on Bell Rd. & 40th st. in Phoenix. I began using his Time For Health products and eventually as I had needs I visited him after he opened his Health & Wellness office. Vimal has helped me through some very difficult health challenges and injuries. He always gets me back on track! I know when I need to call Vimal, my body tells me!!
I appreciate his compassion and patience with me. He is fair and honest and very knowledgeable!
Thank You Vimal

Connie G. Idaho

"Inspires people to want to be healthy"

Not having any energy was becoming a health concern for me. I met with Vimal Patel and was impressed by his knowledge and compassion. Vimal helped me to regain my energy and it has made a tremendous difference to my health. He was able to focus on the most pressing issues first and helped me with a course of action. Vimal’s strength lies in his in-depth knowledge of the body and its interactions within.

I love the name, Time 4 Health! I think it inspires people to want to be healthy. It’s nice to have someone like Vimal and Time 4 Health that I can trust to help me through my health challenges.

Valerie G., Phoenix, AZ

"I wish more people were aware of (Vimal Patel) Time4Health"

When I was diagnosed with Valley Fever for a second time, I made an appointment to see Vimal Patel. I was on Diflucan, which can negatively affect the liver, and I had concerns about being on this medication. I knew Vimal was not only a clinical nutritionist but a pharmacist, and I wanted to discuss the ramifications of this medicine; plus I felt horrible.

I can’t begin to tell you the comfort and knowledge I have received working with Vimal! I go to him before I go to my doctor. Vimal helped me through feelings of depression when my father passed away. He helped me to overcome Valley Fever and he has made a difference to my overall health. I work long hours and have several allergies; Vimal has helped me to lead a healthy lifestyle that is balanced and manageable. He has helped me to learn about how my body functions chemically and now I am able to work a demanding job as well as travel and do what is needed in my life.

I believe strongly in the grade of supplements Vimal carries. I was taking other vitamins prior to seeing Vimal and did not notice a difference; and now I do! I also love his protein shakes. Vimal is very humble, knowledgeable and understanding. If an emergency arises he has always been available. I wish more people were aware of Time 4 Health and open to healing naturally rather than taking medicine. In working with Vimal and his staff I have been able to restore my health rather than merely masking symptoms with prescription drugs. I take my friends and family to Vimal whenever I can and have seen great results. The reason that I recommend Vimal is because I have seen him help everyone I have referred to him. He has been a Godsend!

Diana R, Scottsdale, AZ

"Through an extraordinary conversation I discovered his knowledge and passion"

I met Vimal in the Self Expression Leadership Program with Landmark Education in 2010. I initially visited Vimal because through an extraordinary conversation I discovered his knowledge and passion for educating people about health through his practice and products. I could appreciate his field because I am always striving to have balanced and optimal health and peak performance in all areas of my life.

At the time I met Vimal, I was dealing with fatigue, allergies, and emotional stress. During our conversation I shared with him that I was also dealing with some persistent back pain and was pretty much resigned that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life because I was an athlete and had back surgery in 2001.

After using his products for some time my health has completely been restored. My back pain is gone. Completely gone! I had no idea that it was associated with inflammation.

I love working with Vimal because he is so clear and so connected to what he does. He listens intently and applies what he knows to my personal situation. He also respects my finances and has never pushed anything on me.

I take the Advanced ProBiotics religiously and I know they are what make the difference for me, as my back pain is gone, my emotions stay balanced, and I have energy and vitality.

Overall, my experience with Vimal, Time 4 Health, and the entire staff has been extraordinary. They respond in a timely manner to any requests. They are always helpful and knowledgeable and efficient. They always make me feel welcomed, appreciated, and respected.

I have recommended and suggested to friends, family, and associates, that they meet with Vimal and/or use his products. I know the products are far superior to anything I have ever been exposed to. Vimal takes a balanced approached with his patients and always views a person with integrity and respect.

Ashla K, Phoenix, AZ

"Spoke in language that I could understand"

I have known Vimal Patel for approximately 10 years. I met him after a hospital visit. I had lost all faith in western medicine when I finally found him. Vimal was the first person that mentioned anything about food allergies, etc., after I went over all the systemic symptoms I had been suffering with for years. I was amazed that I was able to sit with him for over an hour and discuss my case. That would never happen with the western module. Vimal was so compassionate and detailed with his findings. I was astonished at his knowledge of the body and yet when he spoke to me, he spoke in a language I could understand. I instantly trusted him. Every time I’ve called to set up an appointment, he has always made himself available. I have relied on his help and guidance so many times over the years that I couldn’t even count them all. He is not only a very gifted healer, but an awesome teacher/mentor as well. He has taught me so much about his passion, that I have now made it a passion of my own. He is and will always be an exceptional human that gives so much of himself in the quest to help others find their optimal health.

Judy P, Scottsdale, AZ

"I must say that I have never felt better"

Is it possible that it has been seven years since I was first referred to Vimal Patel? I must say that I have never felt better, relying on Vimal to help me through my various health challenges over the years.

Vimal’s training and knowledge of the human system is so implicit; and his knowledge and recommendations of all the right supplements have always benefited me.

Going to Vimal’s office is always a pleasure for me because I feel true friendship there. I frequently recommend Vimal to my friends and will continue to do so.

Taffy L, Cave Creek, AZ

"At the age of 61, I feel like I’m 41!"

I had been searching for a partner in health because I was not feeling at my optimum level. I was referred to Vimal Patel by a former patient from my husband’s dental practice. I met her at a local store and almost didn’t recognize her! I thought, “Wow, if someone can change that much in their health picture, I need to try it out.”

Vimal’s approach is both peaceful and professional. He listens and is very responsive. Working with Vimal has made a positive impact on my health. He knows when to go in a different direction and keeps me focused on working on the things that could be better. After working with Vimal for a year and tracking my results with new lab tests, he helped me to make some changes that I’ve been able to stay with because he was able to provide me with a roadmap for health that fits my lifestyle. At the age of 61, I feel like I’m 41!

Vimal has a tremendous passion for health and his knowledge base is incredible. I think that if someone wants optimum health and values it, they should avail themselves of Vimal Patel and Time 4 Health. My husband and I have referred patients who live in other parts of the country to Time 4 Health and those who follow through with their protocol, achieve the results they need. It is a true gift to have Time 4 Health in Scottsdale!

P.S. – Cave Creek, AZ

"I have my life back"

During my high school years I became ill with anxiety attacks. I went to a Gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with IBS.  By the time I was 23 years old, my hair was falling out and I had food sensitivities, although I no longer had symptoms of anxiety. I tried a few natural products and did feel a little better but really didn’t take things too seriously. By the time I was 28 years old, I learned about Candida and started on an anti-Candida program. I also became pregnant and felt great until after my daughter was born. That’s when I really crashed.  I had Fibromyalgia and could not even walk. I found Vimal while doing an Internet search and he helped me a great deal.  But, I still didn’t take my health very seriously.

By the time I was 34 I was Celiac and began a gluten free diet thinking that would resolve my health issues.  However, after two years, I began to feel ill again and my body had had enough.  I was hospitalized 4 times and prescribed anxiety medication. I had severe thyroid symptoms but the tests came back negative. I had heart palpitations and had to take potassium.  I was at the end of my rope.

Then, I remembered Vimal.  When I called his office, he saw me immediately. He went through my history, reviewing all of my medical tests. I was so distraught with pain and fear; and Vimal had such a calming effect on me. I feel that Vimal has helped me to become well again.  His knowledge of nutrition and natural supplements has given me my life back.  It has been 4 months since my health crisis and I am doing so well!  Vimal and everyone at Time 4 Health has given me an opportunity to have a better quality of life; not just for me but for my family as well.

Jessica S, Phoenix AZ

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