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You must be bold when it comes to your health. I learned this while helping my father treat his patients in the wilds of Zambia, Africa as a boy. Now, with multiple masters degrees and a pharmacy practice of my own, I understand why he would accept such a dangerous responsibility. Because all life is precious, and that makes it worth fighting for.

That is the reason I got rid of my traditional pharmacy after over 20 years and founded Time4Health, an all natural, full body healthcare resource whose sole mission is to help patients access the complete wealth of medical tools that have been keeping people healthy for thousands of years. Together we are refusing the constraints of typical western medical dogma and fuzing ancient eastern knowledge with the best of what modern science has to offer.

Whether you are someone fighting a diagnosis or are simply ready to embrace the full range of healing resources available to you, I believe you have made it here for a reason. 

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Vimal Patel

How Can We Best Serve Your Wellness?

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Better Nutrient Balance

Providing your body the building blocks and fuels it needs is key to healing and overall health – but getting the optimum nutrients from food alone can be more difficult than you may think. With the right enzymes, remedies and other solutions in your diet you can enjoy more vitality and enhanced mood…

Optimum Digestive Health

Your “gut” affects the body’s vital functions, from energy, immunity, vitality, repair, healing, restoration, detoxing, and rejuvenating, which is why poor digestive function is primary contributor to all kinds of imbalances throughout the body. Regulate your system by giving it the nutrients many of us don’t get in the modern diet.

Addressing Health Problems

Prescriptions aren’t the only option. Discover powerful natural remedies that can greatly increase the quality of your life without side effects. Vimal has and continues to help clients around the world with the best blend of what eastern and western medicinal knowledge has to offer.


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