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Vimal Patel appointed Chairman of the Board at The Foundation for Living Medicine

By Admin / 02 March 2015 / 15 Comments

Vimal Patel was recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Foundation for Living Medicine. Formerly known as The Gladys Taylor McGarey Foundation, the Living Medicine Model: Encourages self-responsibility for one’s health and fosters a new relationship between the patient and practitioner; Promotes a triad relationship between the patient and practitioner where the […]

Combating Side Effects of Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiation

By Admin / 02 March 2015 / 15 Comments

With Cancer therapy people experience digestive, intestinal, and immune eterioration. This is why people lose weight (muscle mass and hair loss), are unable to absorb nutrients properly, have immunity issues and have digestive, intestinal and bowel problems during therapy. Chemotherapy and Radiation can also cause many patients to experience body mass/muscle wasting.  A higher amount […]

How to Avoid a Hangover

By Admin / 02 March 2015 / 15 Comments

  Taking Digestive Enzymes while drinking alcohol helps to break the alcohol down. 1-2 capsules with each drink support the liver in processing the alcohol faster, which reduces the effects of hangover. Alcohol also kills the healthy flora in your system leaving you with irregular bowel movements and bad breath.  After an of evening drinking/ partying […]

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